English speaking lesson 29

Countable and uncountable 1

Nouns are divided in two main categories Countable and Uncountable. Countable nouns: Countable nouns are very simple just like An Apple, three balls, five girls etc Uncountable nouns: These are nouns that you can not count. Water, milk, furniture, If you want to use these words in the plural, then you need a unit to eg a glass of water . This is again countable. other examples: butter, coal, gas, salt, iron Extras: There are nouns that can be countable and uncountable. Just use a good dictionary if you are unsure. Also, here is an example: hair – hairs You’ve got some hairs on your t-shirt.


Countable nouns:

  • 000222There are some/a few students in the class.
  • Is there any girl in the hall?
  • There is no boy in the playground.
  • None of these girls was present there.
  • Did any of you play football?
  • Many of the boys hadn’t come to school yesterday.
  • How many mangoes are there in the basket?
  • Hardly would any girl like him.
  • That book has more pages than this book.
  • Many a man has suffered at his hands.
  • Neither man has come.
  • He gets a small salary.

Uncountable nouns:

  • 000333Isn’t there any milk in the bottle?
  • Let me in have some water please.
  • Is there any milk in the bottle?
  • How much milk is there in the glass?
  • Your glass has less milk than mine.
  • Shall I give you some more milk ? Will you have some more milk?
  • There was a lot of water in the river.
  • Is it exactly half of that?

The Emphasis

  • 000444Don’t forget/You must come tomorrow.
  • Both Kamla and her brother came to see me.
  • I will never forgive him.
  • lndeed/Of course, I are happy.
  • You don’t study hard, do you?
  • Of course, I do.
  • Please keep quiet./Please be quiet.
  • Do write to your father.

Countable and uncountable 4