English speaking lesson 25

Prepo 1

 Use Of From

  • From 2The boy was absent from school.
  • You must abstain/refrain from smoking.
  • My uncle has come from Lahore.
  • He prevents/stops me from going there.

Use Of By

  • By 3His company is progressing by leaps and  bounds.
  • I was accompanied by my father.
  • Please don’t get disturbed by this news.
  • He was highly amused by my story.
  • This packet should reach Karachi by Monday.

Use Of With

  • with 4You don’t know how to deal with others.
  • We should be acquainted with the English language.
  • He was gifted with a talent of painting.
  • We got fed up with his behavior.
  • My boss was pleased with me.

Use Of In

  • In 5He was absorbed/busy in his work.
  • Amna is deaf in one ear.
  • You must be polite in your behavior.
  • He is well versed in music.

Use Of Of

  • of 6He was sure of success.
  • He is fully aware of his weakness.
  • He is fond of mangoes.
  • He reminds me of his brother.
  • Its a matter of great honour for me.

Use Of For

  • for 7Is she preparing/studying for the test?
  • I always care for him.
  • He apologized to me for his misbehaviour.
  • He’ll have to account for the money.

Use Of To

  • To 8He is addicted to smoking.
  • He acted contrary to the rules.
  • Some people prefer wealth to health.
  • He referred the matter to the higher authorities.

Use Of Into

  • Into 9The police inquired/looked into the matter.
  • We put our books into our bags,
  • He went into the room.

Use Of Against

  • Aganist 10I always warn you agaost your enemies.
  • The doctor warned him against working too hard.

Use Of On

  • on 11His criticism is not based on facts.
  • Why are you bent on going there?
  • We cannot rely on him.

Use Of Over

  • over 12Snow/Ice is scattered over the road.
  • The bridge is over the river

Use Of About

  • About 13The mother is worried about her son’s health.
  • She was enquiring about Amna.

Phrase Preposition

  • Phrase prepo 14I was about to go.
  • He succeeded by dint of hard work.
  • We should be prepared to sacrifice
    everything for the sake of our country.
  • We should act in favour of our friends.
  • We must work in order to live.
  • I attended the office in spite of ray illness.
  • We are in the midst of trouble.
  • He had to leave suddenly in the midst of meeting.
  • Ali had to give up studies for want of money.

Prepo End