English speaking lesson 24

Co-relatives 1

Co-Relatives and English words:

Hardly..when, scarcely..when, no sooner.. than, as soon as etc.

as soon as – x as long as – x unless – x
as far as – x x – unit x – till
x – so that no sooner – than hardly – when
not only – but also either – or neither – nor
although – Scarcely – when rather – than
no less – than the – the

Co-Relatives example sentences:

  • Co-relatives 002As soon as we reached the station, the train left.
  • No sooner did he get up to deliver his speech than the hall began to resound with cheers.
  • We had scarcely reached the school when the bell rang.
  • He had hardly left his house when it started raining.
  • Unless you run fast,you will not be able to catch the train.
  • Please wait for me until I return.
  • As long as I am here, you needn’t worry about anything.
  • Although he is poor, yet he is honest.
  • As for as l remember, he was here yesterday.
  • Get the roof repaired before it should leak.
  • What to speak of standing first.
  • He cannot even pass the examination.
  • He would rather fail than copy.
  • No less a person than the Chief Minister of the state hoisted the National Flag.
  • He is so ill that he cannot rise from his bed.
  • He works hard so that he may win a prize.
  • The higher you go the colder it is.
  • Either you or your brother is guilty.
  • She is too weak to walk.
  • She is so weak that she cannot walk.
  • I study not only English but French also.
  • Neither Babu nor his brother, plays in this park.

سے بنے جملے(Temporal s )زبانی الفاظ

  • Co-relatives 3It is July two thousand and three (2003).
  • He will come in August.
  • You will receive his letter in three days.
  • You will receive his letter within three days.
  • We left for Mumbai on 20th February.
  • You came at half past three.
  • The shop remains open from9.30 AM to 7 P.M.
  • She was here till 5.00 P.M. yesterday.
  • The boys play every day for one hour.
  • He has been staying here since yesterday.
  • She has been living here since 2000.
  • How long have you been learning.
  • I have already written to her/him.
  • She hasn’t come yet.
  • The show is about to start.
  • I shall finish my work by next Friday.
  • He’ll finish his work in about four hours.
  • I reached there around 3 o’clock.
  • When Rani came, Mala left.
  • He was breathing his last by dawn.
  • I’ll meet him next month.

Co-relatives 4