English speaking lesson 23

Preposition 1

Example sentences  of prepositions:

  • Preposition 2The book is On the table.
  • The computer is on the table.
  • The clerk is at the seat.
  • There is green paint on the door.
  • Father is standing at the door.
  • I’ll see you at home.
  • Neha is coming into the room.
  • Shama and Kamal both are in the room.
  • I’ll pour some more water into the glass.
  • People bathe in the river.
  • We sit on the bench,
  • but father sits in the arm-chair.
  • Why don’t you sit at the table?
  • Feed the floppy into the computer.
  • He went into his house.
  • The letter was sent by courier.
  • Please translate this from Urdu into English.
  • Don’t judge a person by his clothes.
  • I filled the bottle with milk.
  • The tiger was killed by the hunter.
  • He stood beside his brother.
  • Preposition 3I kept football beside hockey stick.
  • Divide the sweets between Sharit and Mehmood.
  • Shimla is situated amongst the mountains.
  • He is a man of principles.
  • There is a bridge over the Yamuna river.
  • Throw the ball over the wall.
  • Birds are flying over the bridge.
  • Boats are under the bridge.
  • Anis is standing between Raja and Danish.
  • Raquib is in front of Ratique.
  • Rafiqua is standing behind him.
  • We are in confusion.
  • The money is in my pocket.
  • Fishes are in the sea.
  • Who is inside?

Preposition 4