English speaking lesson 22

Basic grammar

  1. “He,” “she,” and “it”:

“He,” “she,” and “it” are third-person pronouns that we use to refer to people, animals, or things. “He” is used for males, “she” is used for females, and “it” is used for objects, animals, or things. For example:

  • He is my brother.
  • She is my sister.
  • It is a book.

Note: “It” is also used for babies or infants when their gender is not yet known or irrelevant.

  1. “This” and “that”:

“This” and “that” are demonstrative pronouns that we use to point to or refer to something specific. “This” is used for something that is close to the speaker, and “that” is used for something that is farther away. For example:

  • This is my car.
  • That is your bike.

Note: “This” and “that” can also be used as adjectives to describe a noun. In this case, “this” describes something that is close to the speaker, and “that” describes something that is farther away.

  1. “You” and “I”:

“You” and “I” are personal pronouns that we use to refer to ourselves or other people. “You” is used for the person being addressed, and “I” is used for the speaker. For example:

  • You are my friend.
  • I am a teacher.

Note: “We” is also a personal pronoun that is used to refer to a group of people that includes the speaker and others.

B.E.G 1

  • This is Hamid
  • That is Anjum.
  • This is his book.
  • That is her diary.
  • He is a boy.
  • She is a girl.
  • You are a student.
  • I am a clerk.
  • This is a pen.
  • This is an apple.
  • That’s an orange.
  • lam a Pakistani.
  • This is the camera I need.
  • I have also bought the same pen.
  • This is a pencil, and its mine.
  • That is my goat.
  • These are my books.
  • Those are your books.
  • Those books are yours.
  • These books are mine.
  • These are your notebooks.
  • They are on the table.
  • Those are my marbles.
  • They are of different colors.
  • Pakistan is our country.e are her inhabitants.
  • Mr. Sharma is your teacher.
  • Kamla and Vimla are sisters.
  • Their mother is a teacher.
  • Each of these boys plays games.
  • None of us went there.
  • We enjoyed ourselves during the holidays.
  • Whoever is the best,will get a prize.
  • She is wiser, than me.
  • My handwriting is better than that of my brother.
  • What is that?That’s a computer.
  • What are those?Those are books.
  • This is a box.These are its corners.
  • Who is that? He is my friend.
  • Whose notebook is this?
  • It;s hers.
  • This cow is our.
  • Those shops are theirs.
  • This watch is mine.
  • This house is yours.
  • This house is his.
  • Your painting is the best.
  • l am listening to you attentively.
  • Who is knocking at the door?
  • Whose luggage is this?
  • That’s a different matter altogether.
  • She doesn’t know the value of time.
  • You can trust them.
  • I am very thankful to you.
  • His rude behavior shocked me.
  • I never expected this from you.
  • These books are of no use to me.
  • We have to leave at once.