English speaking lesson 21

Use of same as, as long as, so, too


  1. “Same as”:

“Same as” is used to compare two things that are identical or very similar in some way. For example:

  • My car is the same color as yours.
  • This dress is the same size as the one I tried on earlier.
  • The book on my desk is the same one you recommended to me.

Note: “Same as” is often used in comparisons, but we can also use it to indicate that something is equal or identical to something else.

  1. “As long as”:

“As long as” is used to express a condition that must be fulfilled before something else can happen. For example:

  • You can go out as long as you finish your homework first.
  • We’ll have a picnic as long as it doesn’t rain.
  • I’ll buy you a new phone as long as you promise to take better care of it.

Note: In sentences with “as long as,” the condition must be fulfilled for the other action to take place.

  1. “So”:

“So” is used to indicate a result or consequence of something that has already been mentioned. For example:

  • She studied hard for the test, so she got an A.
  • It was raining, so we decided to stay inside.
  • I’m tired, so I’m going to bed early tonight.

Note: “So” is often used to show a connection between two ideas or events.

  1. “Too”:

“Too” is used to indicate that something is in excess or that there is an additional item or person. For example:

  • I ate too much pizza for dinner.
  • She’s too busy to go out tonight.
  • I like pizza too!

Note: “Too” is often used to show that there is something more or that something is excessive.

In conclusion, “same as,” “as long as,” “so,” and “too” are important words in English that are used in different contexts. By understanding their usage, you can use them effectively in your writing and speaking.

Use of Same–As

  1. This is the same city as I visited last time.
  2. Is this the same boy as abused you.
  3. This is the same girl as I was talking about.
  4. This is the same man as killed my beloved.
  5. You car is the same as mine.
  6. Her age is about the same as yours.

Use of As Long As

As long as I am with you, you needn’t worry.

  1. As long as you are here, you will have to act as I say.
  2. A long as I am alive,this can’t be done.

Use of As–As

  1. She is as pretty as your sister.
  2. I can speak English as fluently as you.
  3. Can you run as fast as you me?
  4. I also earn as much as you do.
  5. I am as strong as you.

Use of  So–As

  1. l am not so black as painted.
  2. Now they are not so selfish as used to be.
  3. I am not so hungry as you think.
  4. She is not so pretty as she thinks she is.

Use of Too–To

  1. Tea is too hot to drink.
  2. I am too small to fight.
  3. Are you too poor to buy a pen.
  4. Never too young to die.
  5. He is too young to go there alone.
  6. She is gone too far to come back.

Use of So–That

  1. It’s so easy that even a child can do it.
  2. I was so busy that I couldn’t go with you.
  3. She was so hasty that she didn’t wait for me.
  4. I think you English is not so bad that you can’t      speak it.
  5. I am so forced that I can’t agree with you.