Compound Preposition | Definition, Example sentences & List:

n this topic, Compound Preposition we learn the definition, example sentences, and a complete list of the compound preposition.

 What are compound prepositions? To answer this question, we should first understand what the word preposition means.

Compound Preposition


A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between other parts of speech and its meaning is typically associated with space or time. It’s usually placed before nouns or pronouns.

Compound preposition:

Compound prepositions are combinations of two or more prepositions. Like (in, on, under) that have been used together to form one word.

compound preposition means that two words have been joined together to form one word, and this word can then be used like any other single-word preposition.

 Some examples are given below;

  • In
  • Under
  • Into
  • On top of
  • Around
  • Through
  • Over
  • in front of

 That prepositions can also be used with possessing compound pronouns such as; my or their.

That proposition, also known as an adverbial preposition, is composed of two or more single prepositions that are directly related to one another and function together to create one meaning.

Example Sentences of Compound Preposition:

  • The ambulance is parked in front of the city hospital.
  • I was never close to my teachers.
  • A black cat is sitting next to her for two hours.
  • I found her name on top of the letter.
  • He always talks about his family.
  • The girl swims across the stream.
  • The bathroom is located outside the room.
  • She sat down beside the fan.
  • The school is open as of today.
  • They walked into the garden together.

List of Compound Preposition:

  • About
  • In front of
  • Despite
  • Around
  • Other than
  • Owing to
  • Depending on
  • Behind
  • As for
  • Out of
  • Outside
  • Due to
  • In return for
  • Along
  • Away from
  • Apart from
  • On account of
  • Between
  • Near to
  • After
  • Beyond
  • Instead of
  • According to
  • But for
  • Opposite to
  • Along with
  • Because of
  • Ahead of
  • In favor of
  • In addition to
  • In case of
  • Across
  • Outside of
  • Together with
  • On behalf of
  • Next to
  • In between
  • Above
  • As to
  • Without
  • Aside from
  • Up to
  • Close to
  • Onto

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