Useful Verb Examples in Sentences | 10 Easy example Sentences: 

Here in this topic, we discuss Verb Examples in sentences. And try to learn verbs with the help of these verb examples.


Verbs are one of the three major parts of speech in English, along with nouns and adjectives. The word verb comes from the Latin word verbum, which means word or speech.

A verb can be defined as a doing word that tells you what the subject of the sentence did, is doing, or will do.

Verb examples in sentences

Verb Examples in Sentences
verbs examples in sentences

Verbs also show action or state of being—for example, they describe actions like running, existing, and sleeping, or they can describe things like love, belief in, and forgiveness.

In grammar, verbs are the action words in a sentence, and they can be identified by their ability to complete the statement or the verb.

Type of Verbs, definition and examples

 For example, in the statement

  • The dog barks

Bark is the verb since it completes the phrase the dog barks.

There are three types of verbs in English;

  • Action verbs
  • Linking verbs
  • Helping verbs

There is a list of verb example sentences of verb that help us to identify the verb in a very easy way.

Verb Examples in sentences:

  • Sam is throwing the pillow.
  • Boil the milk for 30 minutes before making the dessert.
  • Wash the hands for 1mints, because dirty hands cause corona.
  • am selling my cell phone and my laptop.
  • Arrange biryani and cutlass in a serving dish.
  • saw a lady doctor walking in the street.
  • will go to China in order to improve my Chinese.
  •  The Chenab flows between India and Pakistan.
  • How about going to the cinema? It would so entertaining.
  • He is not feeling well to go to the market.

So in the above sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of a verb these letters are the best examples of verbs. Read more