Examples of Pronouns | Easy 20 Examples:

Here in this topic, Examples of Pronouns we just learn about the pronoun and some useful and easy examples of pronouns.

Examples of Pronouns


A pronoun is a word that is used in the place of a noun. Pronoun always takes the place of or refers to nouns in a sentence.

Pronouns are words that can be used to replace nouns within sentences. They usually function as either the subject or object of verbs and they can also be used in place of certain adjectives and adverbs.

Pronoun Types and examples

In short, pronouns are flexible, versatile little words that help you to construct clear and concise sentences.

 Pronouns can take many forms;

 Personal pronouns:

Such as;

  • I
  • Me
  • My
  • Mine

Possessive pronouns;

Such as;

  • Mine
  • Yours  

Reflexive pronouns;

 Such as;

  • Myself

Pronouns are used in place of nouns to prevent the overuse of nouns in sentences and to make them easier to read and understand. They can also be used as adjectives when they describe the noun that they replace.

There are several different types of pronouns;

  1. Personal pronouns
  2. Demonstrative pronouns
  3. Reflexive pronouns
  4. Relative pronouns
  5. Indefinite pronouns
  6. Intensive pronouns
  7. Reciprocal or possessive pronouns
  8. Interrogative pronouns
  9. Relative pronouns

 Each type has different uses and characteristics.

Examples of Pronouns:  

  1. The brown shoes are mine.
  2. Her daughter has been kidnapped.
  3. He is our new science teacher.
  4. He has many candies in his bag.
  5. You have to come to my success party.
  6. We are buying extra books and copies.
  7. She is eating an apple.
  8. Her mother is a doctor.
  9. He is very good at English.
  10. They are weak in mathematics.
  11. We have won the match.
  12. It’s not my responsibility.
  13. She left her medical report at home.
  14. They are not completing their task.
  15. Her father is not a doctor, he is a teacher.
  16. love to play badminton.
  17. These are apples and those are oranges.
  18. Her bag is grey. Mine is black.
  19. He is a brilliant student in our class.
  20. Everyone has their own car.

So, all the above sentences are the best examples of pro