Simple sentences, examples of simple sentences

Simple sentences consist of an independent clause. A simple sentence is a normal sentence having only one clause that makes it complete and meaningful.  It has no other clause

 Independent clause:

An Independent clause is that type of clause that acts as a sentence. If it is used alone it gives a proper meaning a proper thought without the help of any other clause. Sometimes we also called it simple sentences.

 Types of simple sentences:

There are two main types of simple sentences that are given below.

  • Compound verb and compound subjects.
  • Single-subject and a single verb.

 Compound verb and compound subject:

A compound verb and the compound subject is that type of simple sentence. Some time a sentence has a subject but has two or more than two verbs is called a compound verb sentence. But sometimes a sentence has a verb and has two or more than two subjects is called a compound subject.

 Example of the compound verb and compound subject:

  • Jack and Jill went up a hill. (compound noun)
  • Burgers and cake are not good for health.(compound noun)
  • Ali and Sara write very slowly. (compound noun)
  • I am willing to take the opportunity. (compound verb)
  • The girl was telling me all about the fair. (compound verb)
  • She decided to air-condition the room. (compound verb)

 Single-subject and single verb:

The single-subject and single verb is the type of simple sentence in this type a sentence has only one verb and single subject. It is a very simple sentence.

 Examples of a single subject and single verb:

  • The cat is hungry.
  • The dog is fat.
  • You have to dream to make your dream come true.
  • A black shirt always looks stunning
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