Sentence structure in English with Examples sentences

Types of sentence structure:

There are four types of sentences, on the base of the structure, that are given below.

  • Simple sentence.
  • Compound sentence.
  • Complex sentences.
  • Compound complex sentences.

So these are four basic types of sentence structure we discuss them one by one.

Simple sentence:

A simple sentence is that type of sentence that consists of one independent clause.

Examples of the simple sentence:

  • The moon goes around the earth.
  • Water freeze at 0 degrees.
  • I love my new cat.
  • Sara enjoys cooking.
  • Florida is in America.
  • You run to the party.

So all the above sentences, have an independent clause so these are simple sentences.

Compound sentence:

 A compound sentence is that type of sentence that has two or more than two clauses joined together by conjunction or a semicolon. Each of the clauses could form a sentence alone. 

Examples of the compound sentence:

  • My father’s job is so difficult, but he enjoys going to work every day.
  • I like hot chocolate; it sends me to sleep.
  • The bell rang and the music began.
  • Ali asked for three candies. But he got four candies.
  • She watches cartoons. And her brother watches sports.

Complex sentence:

 A complex sentence is that type of sentence that consists of an independent clause and also a dependent clause. So that two types of clauses make a complex sentence.

 Examples of the complex sentence:

  • I washed the car after coming home.
  • I love this class because I like to study Pakistan study.
  • When the rain stopped, we went back out to play.
  • The boys did not go to the zoo because they went to the park.
  • Many people enjoyed the movie; however, Ali did not.

 Compound complex sentence:

A compound-complex sentence is that type of sentence that consists of at least two independent clauses and one or more than one is a dependent clause. So these clauses make a compound-complex sentence.

Examples of compound-complex sentences:

  • While Sara reads novels, Ali reads comics, but Ahmed reads only magazines.
  • When you ready, I will call the cab, and we can go together.
  • Sara forgot her anniversary, so she sent her a card when she finally remembered.
  • When you are free, I will call the store, and we can talk to the manager.
  • Sara wants cake because she is hungry, but she cannot take the calories.