Transport Name in English

Here in this topic, we discuss Transport Name and a complete list of transport with informative pictures.

Transport Name: 

Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one location to another, typically using wheels or wings in the case of ground-based travel or wings and rotors in the case of air-based travel.

There are several different types of transportation that includes land, sea, and air transportation types. Of course, there are different types of vehicles within each category too.

Every day, we use multiple types of transportation to get us where we need to go and move goods from place to place.

Transport Name

In order to get from one place to another, we need to use some sort of transportation system. This could be something as simple as walking or even running, or it could be an intricate network of public transportation that includes buses, trains, and taxis.

List of Transport Name:

  • School Bus
  • Tractor
  • Subway
  • Excavator
  • Micro
  • Bicycle
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Truck
  • Lorry
  • Police van.
  • Auto Rickshaw
  • Van
  • Fire Engine
  • Rowboat
  • Helicopter
  • Ambulance
  • Ship
  • Scooter
  • Mixer

Transport Name with Pictures: 


Subways, also known as underground railways or metropolitan rail systems, are efficient mode of transportation that moves people from place to place in large metropolitan areas around the world.


The metro is one type of rapid transit system, with trains typically operating in underground tunnels or on city streets that feature full-sized rail cars. The term ‘metro’ comes from the word ‘metropole,’ which refers to a city that governs an entire area.

Its use first appeared in Paris when it was used to describe trains in the center of the city. Therefore, since then, metro networks have expanded and developed around the world.


In a medical emergency, ambulances are generally called by healthcare providers, such as paramedics, doctors, and nurses. As is well known, an ambulance is called an ambulance. 


Helicopters are aircraft that create lift using rotary blades and they are able to fly in any direction.

 The word helicopter originates from the Greek word for a spiral wing and is one of many types of aircraft that fly in helicopter mode.


A bicycle is a wheeled, human-powered (or sometimes, a wheeled, motorized) transport with two wheels, one wheel in front of the other.

 Bicycles are also used in some sports. In the 19th century, bicycles were introduced to Europe and by 2003 more than 1 billion have been produced worldwide, twice as many as the number of automobiles produced. Today, the majority of bicycles are manufactured in China. Read More