Prepositions of Position

Prepositions of position are the words that are used for indicating the actual position of anything. Or we can say that the word that tells us about the actual position of the object is called the preposition of position.

With the help of these words, a person can easily understand the exact location of anything.

There are so many words under the definition of the preposition of the position we discuss all these words one by one.

Words of preposition of position:

Below and under:


The word below indicates that something is lower than other things.

For example:

  • There is a basement below the hospital.


The word under indicates that something is exactly below or vertically down.

For example:

  • The dog is under the table.

On and upon:


The word on indicates that thing is touching or above something.

For instance;

  • The cup is on the table.


The word upon indicates that one thing is in motion while the other is at rest.

For instance;

  • The monkey jumped upon the door.

Between and Among:


The position which separates two things is called between. We mostly use the word between in the middle of two objects.

For instance;

  • My house is between school and hospital.
  • There is an omelet between two buns.


Among indicate the belonging of a thing or a person with some group.

For instance;

  • Ali is the most brilliant student among the class.

Beside and near:


The word beside means next to.

For instance;

  • He is standing beside the doctor.


Near denote the sense of nearby.

For instance;

  • My house is near to his office.

At and in:


The word at is used to indicate an exact point or a place.

For instance;

  • I will be there at 7 o’clock.


The word in is used with a larger area.

For instance;

  • I live in Pakistan.

List of prepositions of position:

  • In
  • Out
  • Between
  • Under
  • Above
  • Below
  • Beside
  • Inside
  • Near
  • At
  • In
  • Behind
  • By
  • over