Phrasal Preposition | Definition 10 Easy Examples & List


Phrasal Preposition is a preposition that works in conjunction with another word, such as an adverb or noun, to form a phrase.

The word preposition means position before something else, and a phrasal preposition refers to two or more words that act together as one preposition.

Phrasal Preposition refers to a proposition that has been combined with an adverb or noun, most often with the addition of the word of in between them.

Phrasal prepositions are typically contractions of two separate prepositions, which have become fused into one larger unit.

 For example, in and on together make up the phrasal preposition in on, which indicates inclusion or participation within an activity or project.

That preposition functions as an adverb, linking two clauses together and describing how they are related to each other in terms of space or time.

Phrasal Preposition

The part of the phrase that comes before the preposition is the prepositional complement—in other words, it’s the thing being described by the preposition—and usually serves as an adjective or adverb modifying whatever comes after it.

Prepositions definition, types, and examples

 Common phrasal prepositions include;

  • Instead of
  • In spite of
  • On behalf of
  • On place
  • On-time
  • By means of
  • On the floor
  • Despite
  • Because of
  • In front of

So these are the most common phrasal preposition. We use these entire prepositions in the example sentences that are given below. Read more

Some Example Sentences of Phrasal Preposition:

  1. There is a pond in front of my school.
  2. I learned to cook at the age of 15.
  3. I was not present in English class because of illness.
  4. Sara really looks up to her mother.
  5. Today is our holiday on behalf of Independence Day.
  6. According to science, every action has an equal but opposite reaction.
  7. She climbed up the mountain.
  8. We have to communicate in Arabic for a while.
  9. In the end, they lived happily ever after.
  10. Please! Stand up for a while.

List of Phrasal Preposition:

  1. In love with
  2. On-time
  3. Owing to
  4. Concerning
  5. For a while
  6. In any case
  7. Fact that
  8. By means of
  9. According to
  10. On account of
  11. In the end
  12. In spite of
  13. In addition to
  14. Considering
  15. For the moment
  16. Up the hill
  17. In favor of
  18. In front of
  19. On the floor