English speaking lesson 17

Asking Simple questions

WH questions are a type of question that is used to gather information in English. These questions typically begin with the letters “WH,” which stand for “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how.” Each of these question words has a specific purpose and usage, as explained below:

  1. “Who”: This question word is used to ask about a person or people. For example:
  • Who is coming to the party?
  • Who is the president of France?
  • Who was that woman you were talking to?
  1. “What”: This question word is used to ask about things, objects, or ideas. For example:
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What did you eat for breakfast?
  • What do you think of this painting?
  1. “When”: This question word is used to ask about a specific time or time period. For example:
  • When is your flight?
  • When did you graduate from college?
  • When are you planning to visit your parents?
  1. “Where”: This question word is used to ask about a specific location or place. For example:
  • Where is the nearest post office?
  • Where did you buy that shirt?
  • Where are you going on vacation?
  1. “Why”: This question word is used to ask about the reason or purpose behind something. For example:
  • Why did you quit your job?
  • Why are you studying English?
  • Why do you like that song?
  1. “How”: This question word is used to ask about the manner, method, or condition of something. For example:
  • How did you learn to play the guitar?
  • How do you make a cake?
  • How are you feeling today?

When asking WH questions, it’s important to pay attention to the context and situation in which the question is being asked. Depending on the situation, some WH question words may be more appropriate than others. For example, if you want to know the location of a store, you would use “where,” but if you want to know the reason for a decision, you would use “why.”

In summary, WH questions are a crucial part of English language communication, and mastering them can help you gather information, express your thoughts, and clarify your understanding of a situation. By using them appropriately, you can ask effective questions and engage in meaningful conversations with others.

Use of Which

Which is used for animals and non living things.

  • Q. Which song did you prefer, Ahmad or Ali?
  • A. I like what you have liked.
  • Q. Which book are you reading?
  • A. Its the novel which I borrowed from you yesterday.
  • Q. Which is your favorite book?
  • A. My favorite book is the Holy Quran.

Use of Who

Who is used for human beings

  • Who is your friend?
  • Who is coming tomorrow?
  • Who went to the market with Akmal?

Use of When

  • Q. When do you revise your lesson?
  • A. In the morning.
  • Q. When are you coming to us’?
  • A. As soon as I get time.
  • Q. When did you meet Raza?
  • A. Last Saturday, when he came to Murree.

Use of Where

  • Q. Where do you work?
  • A. In a government office.
  • Q. From where do you buy the books?
  • A. From Pustak Mahal, Delhi.
  • Q. Where do you live?
  • A. At Roop Nagar.
  • Q. From where did you buy your suit?
  • A. From Connaught Place.

Use of Why

  • Q. Why do you drink milk daily?
  • A. To maintain good health.
  • Q. Why is Meena’s teacher so strict?
  • A. Because she is interested in the progress of her students.
  • Q. Why are you sitting here?
  • A. I’m waiting for my friend, Munir.

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