English speaking lesson 17

Use of Which

Which is used for animals and non living things.

  • whichQ. Which song did you prefer,Ahmad or Ali?
  • A. I like what you have liked.
  • Q. Which book are you reading?
  • A. Its the novel which I borrowed from you yesterday.
  • Q. Which is your favourite book?
  • A. My favourite book is the Holy Quran.

Use of Who

Who is used for human beings

  • whoWho is your friend?
  • Who is coming tomorrow?
  • Who went to the market with Akmal?

Use of When

  • when 1Q. When do you revise your lesson?
  • A. In the morning.
  • Q. When are you coming to us’?
  • A. As soon as I get time.
  • Q. When did you meet Raza?
  • A. Last Saturday, when he came to Murree.

Use of Where

  • WhereQ. Where do you work?
  • A. In a government office.
  • Q. From where do you buy the books?
  • A. From Pustak Mahal, Delhi.
  • Q. Where do you live?
  • A. At Roop Nagar.
  • Q. From where did you buy your suit?
  • A. From Connaught Place.

Use of Why

  • whyQ. Why do you drink milk daily?
  • A. To maintain good health.
  • Q. Why is Meena’s teacher so strict?
  • A. Because she is interested in the progress of her students.
  • Q. Why are you sitting here?
  • A. I’m waiting for my friend, Munir.



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