Demonstrative pronouns – determiners

Demonstrative pronouns are needed in English to differentiate or emphasize something in terms of local or temporal distances or distances. Get a quick overview of this topic now.

Demonstrative pronoun

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Demonstrative pronoun: an explanation

This , these , that and those – are demonstrative determiners . You need them in English to differentiate local or temporal distances or distances and to point out the above.

Demonstrative articles examples:


Do you like this painting?
This is his best painting.

They differ in their meaning: This refers to something obvious, while something far removed describes.


This is my book. Is that yours over there?

The obvious or more distant may refer to local, temporal or mental distances. This, These,That and those are Demonstratives.


These cats are so cute.
Are these properties for sale?

Demonstrative article in English: Special features

One peculiarity concerns the use of the plural forms, these and those : In German, one tends to use the singular (that and this ). The forms this are or that are wrong! Correct are the following forms: these are – these are and those are – that are.


These are your shoes.
Those are the facts.

Summary: Demonstrative Pronoun

Demonstrative pronouns are needed in English to differentiate local or temporal distances or distances and to emphasize something special .

This or thesis describes something obvious.
That or those describes something more remote.

The obvious or more distant may refer to local, temporal or mental distances.

These and those are the plural forms of this and that .

Attention: this are or that are wrong! Correct are: these are (these are) and those are (that are).