Coordinate conjunction; | Definition & 10 Easy Example Sentence:


Coordinate Conjunction is used to connect two similar parts of a sentence, such as clauses or phrases.

 A Coordinate Conjunction connects two clauses in a sentence when the same subject, verb, and object are used in both clauses.

These conjunctions are words that connect elements of equal importance in the sentence; they link together two independent clauses or two phrases and connect them with something that creates an association between the two elements.

In the English language, there are eight primary coordinate conjunctions, each of which joins two independent clauses (clauses that could stand alone as sentences).

These conjunctions include;

  • To
  • And
  • But
  • Or
  • Nor
  • For
  • Yet
  • Because. (Note that because also has non-coordinate uses.)

These conjunctions are sometimes called copulative conjunctions because they can be used to create a relationship between items equal in rank, value, or the same grammatical construction, such as two items in a list, or two clauses in the same sentence.

Coordinate conjunctions can also be used to join two nouns or two pronouns together. In these cases, the conjunctions are either coordinating adjectives or coordinating pronouns.

 Coordinate conjunctions are often set off with commas when they connect two independent clauses or with semicolons when they connect two independent clauses together that could also stand alone as sentences on their own.

coordinate conjunction, or coordinating conjunction, joins the second element of a compound sentence or compound phrase with the first element or with another word or phrase in the same sentence.

Coordinate conjunctions connect independent clauses that have similar subjects and similar verbs but are not parallel in structure.

Some Example Sentences of Coordinate Conjunction:

  1. Sara stood second and got an award.
  2. Sam is in good form but Sarem is not.
  3. He is clever but his brother is cleverer.
  4. He told me but I didn’t listen.
  5. Neither Sam nor I drink.
  6.  Sam lives in Florida or New Jersey.
  7. She was sick, so she couldn’t play badminton.
  8. I will go camping, or I will go hiking.
  9. I was feeling thirsty, so I made myself a mango juice.
  10. He came into the house and his wife started crying.

So these are the example sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of coordinate conjunction.