Positive Degree of Adjective; Definition & 10 Easy Examples:


The Positive degree of adjectives is a simple form of the adjective. It describes the qualities of nouns in a very simple way like beautiful, brave, happy, etc

This positive degree is the same as the simple adjective. Like; Big house. Beautiful girl. Black dog

Positive Degree of Adjective infographic

In the above sentence; Big. Beautiful. Black. These words are positive degree.

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun and shows its quality, number, size, age, shape, color, and more.

In English grammar, there are three degrees of an adjective – positive degreecomparative degree, and superlative degree.

 The positive degree describes the quality of an adjective in the simplest way possible. That is why it’s also called the zero degrees of an adjective.

A positive degree is just that, describing the noun with a positive characteristic or in a positive manner.

Unlike the comparative and superlative degrees, which always have an er or est ending, depending on if it is comparing or superlative, the positive degree does not change at all.

To qualify as an adjective, your word must define or describe something in a particular way, and most commonly these are words that give more information about the noun, or subject, that immediately follows it. Read more

For instance in the sentence,

  • I like the brown coat,

The word brown qualifies as an adjective because it provides additional details about the coat that immediately follows it in the sentence.

The word brown does not give more information about the speaker rather; it gives more information about the coat itself.

Example Sentences of Positive Degree of Adjectives:

  1. Mars is a small planet in our solar system.
  2. Sara is a beautiful girl.
  3. K2 is in the range of high mountains.
  4. I have a huge garden in my house.
  5. There are many beautiful valleys in Pakistan.
  6. America is a powerful country.
  7. Iron is a heavy metal.
  8. Sam is a smart boy.
  9. I like that black dog.
  10. Snake is a dangerous reptile.

So these are some useful examples of sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of positive degree of adjectives.

We have described here, the positive degrees of an adjective, Click the link below to read more about adjectives.