Compound Adjectives: | Definition & Easy 10 Examples:


Compound Adjectives are the combination of two words or adjectives that join together to modify the noun in a sentence.

These are made up of two words put together to create one single adjective that describes something or someone.

Compound adjectives consist of two or more descriptive words that work together to modify the same noun and are always hyphenated.

They may be either formal or informal, but they must be used in exact order—first the adjective closest to the noun, then the other descriptive word.

These adjectives are groups of two or more adjectives that describe one noun, and they come before the noun.

For example in the sentence;

  • The old and rusted bridge was destroyed.

 Old and rusted are both compound adjectives that work together to describe the noun bridge as old and rusted.

Sometimes two separate words are used together to create an adjective that describes something in a unique way.

These adjectives can be separated by commas or joined with hyphens. Some commonly used compound adjectives include full-time and walking stick.

For example,

  •  High-definition television.

The term contains two adjectives that modify the noun television – high and definition – to form one compound adjective.

Example Sentence of Compound Adjectives:

  1. My sister has a four-foot table.
  2. She comes from a well-educated family.
  3. She is an obedient and well-mannered student.
  4. The waiter comes round with a tray of mouth-watering ice creams.
  5. Sam is a tall and good-looking boy.
  6. This is a smoke-free kitchen.
  7. full-length portrait of the king hangs on the wall of the place.
  8. I regularly take two sugar-free cakes for my breakfast.
  9. She was stuck in the slow-moving traffic.
  10. Writing a diary is a never-ending task.

So these are the example sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of compound adjective. Read more