Interrogative Adjective: | Definition & 10 Easy Examples:


 An Interrogative adjective is a word to ask wh-type questions, that modifies the noun in a question.
These are used to ask questions when it’s followed by a noun or pronoun.

These adjectives are used to ask questions and have little or no meaning on their own.

 Some of the most common interrogative adjectives include;

  • Which
  • What
  • Where
  • Who
  • How

Many people get confused because they treat interrogative adjectives as nouns when they are in fact adjectives.

For example in the sentence,

  • Which one did you want?

 Makes perfect sense, because it is describing which object the speaker wanted.

These types of adjectives usually indicate how someone feels about the nouns that are described by the adjective in question.

Such as;

What?          What time is it?

Whose?       Whose coat is this?

 When?       When will dinner be ready?

 Where?     Where should we go to eat?

Why?         Why you are sad?

This adjective, also known as an interrogative determiner, simply means one that asks a question, and hence, it functions as a determiner.

Interrogative adjectives can be used in clauses or at the beginning of sentences to ask questions about those clauses or sentences.

 Examples of interrogative adjectives include the following:

  • What time will you be leaving?

10 Easy Example Sentences of Interrogative Adjective:

  1. Whose bag will they give us?
  2. What time, is it?
  3. When did she get married?
  4. How many awards did he win?
  5. Which storybook do you like?
  6. What are you doing in my room?
  7. Who is going to design her wedding dress?
  8. Whose office burned down?
  9. Which do you prefer, white, red, or black?
  10. How many detective movies did you watch this week?

So these are all the example sentences all the bold letters are under the definition of interrogative adjectives. Read more