Complex sentence, 10 Complex sentences

A sentence that has one independent and one dependent clause is called a complex sentence.

When these two types of clauses are joined together form a complex sentence. For connecting the dependent and independent clauses subordinating conjunctions are used like while, after, or since.

complex sentences in English

Example sentences of the complex sentence:

  • Whenever the price goes up, the customer buys fewer products.
  • The park was very beautiful, as I expected.
  • Evergreen trees are the symbol of fertility because they do not die in the winter.
  • I washed the car. After I came home.
  • Ali played football after Sara watched a movie.
  • Although Sara reads novels, Ali reads magazines.
  • I love this class because I like to study Pakistan studies.
  • When the rain stopped, we went back out to play.

So all these above sentences, are complex sentences.

Independent clause:

An independent clause is the type of clause that acts as a sentence if used alone. It expresses a complete thought. It has a subject and a verb.

Example sentences of an independent clause:

  • The moon revolves around the earth.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Ali plays cricket.
  • I like cats.
  • Sara went to the park.
  • The secret of life is health.
  • She is a wise lady.
  • She likes him.
  • Ali is an honest man.

So all these above sentences, are independent clauses.

Dependent clause:

A dependent clause is the type of clause. It doesn’t act as a sentence. For a complete meaningful sentence dependent clause must be combined with one or more independent clauses.

Examples of dependent clause sentences:

  • When Sara comes to town, we all have a good time.
  • Liza learned mathematics perfectly because she studied very hard.
  • Sara and Ali enjoyed the theater; however, Liza did not.
  • I forgot where I put the door keys.

So in the above sentences, all the underlined parts are dependent clauses.