Adverb of time | Easy Definition, Examples & List


Adverbs of time are used to describe when an action takes place. Adverbs of time tell us what the time was or when it took place.

 This can be helpful in answering questions like;

  • When did that happen?
  • How long ago did this occur?
Adverb of time

Adverbs that modify verbs (and sometimes adjectives and other adverbs) to indicate when something happened or will happen.

They tell us when the verb occurs in relation to the time expressed by the tense of the main verb. Adverbs of time answer questions.

 Such as;

  • When?
  • Where? 
  • How often?
  • How long?

An adverb tells when something happens. It can answer the question when? or at what time?

For example,

The adverb today tells us that an event happens today (or it happened today). The adverb tomorrow tells us that an event happens tomorrow (or it happened tomorrow).

Here are more examples of adverbs of time:

 Tomorrow, Monday, midnight, every day, every month, and so on.

Adverbs tell when something happened in relation to the present or future, usually as opposed to another past action.

Yesterday and last year are both examples of adverbs of time; they tell when an event happened in relation to today.

Adverbs of time are one of the most common types of adverbs, and these modifiers can be used to describe an action in relation to time.

A sentence with this type of adverb typically has an adjective or another adverb in the sentence before it,
Such as; quickly or slowly,

Adverbs, type of adverbs with examples

Example Sentences of Adverb of Time:

  1. I went to England yesterday.
  2. He left my home in the evening.
  3. He just arrived at the hospital.
  4. The chef will take at least two and a half hours to prepare food.
  5. Dania reached here three days back.
  6. May I use your spoon for a while?
  7. Dania was born in 1992.
  8. By tomorrow evening, I will be with you.
  9. Ali played well in yesterday’s match.
  10. Sam must eat lunch early.

So these are some important example sentences, adverb of time all the bold letters are under the definition of adverb of time. Read more

Adverb of time list

Definite Frequency Adverbs

  • Annually
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Nightly
  • Monthly
  • Hourly

Indefinite Frequency Adverbs

  • Always
  • Rarely
  • Usually
  • Sometimes
  • Never
  • Frequently
  • Regularly
  • Often
  • Seldom
  • Normally
  • Infrequently
  • Occasionally
  • Ever
  • Constantly
  • Generally
  • Regularly

Other adverbs of time list

  • Yet
  • Just
  • Eventually
  • Still
  • Next
  • Already
  • Soon
  • Recently
  • Early
  • First
  • Before
  • Late
  • Lately
  • Last
  • Formerly
  • Previously
  • Later
  • Finally
  • Since
  • Earlier