What is an Adverb of Manner | Definition & Useful 10 Examples:

What is an adverb of manner? In this topic, we discuss that topic in detail and also learn some useful and easy example sentences.


An adverb of manner describes how something was done, or the manner in which it was done. It can also indicate where or to what extent an action was performed.

Adverb of Manner

An adverb of manner modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb by describing how something is done.

These adverbs are used to describe how something was done. These are used to provide additional information about how something happens or happened.

Adverbs, type of adverbs with examples

In other words, adverbs of manner are used to describe the action of the verb, not the object or person performing the action.

 An adverb tells us how an action was performed by specifying when it happened, where it happened, how often it happens, and even why it happened.

 For example,

  • An athlete runs quickly.
  • He walks slowly.

 The first sentence tells us how the runner moves; the second tells us how he goes about his movement. The adverb in each case tells us something about the verb.

Adverbs of manner are used to describe the way in which an action is carried out, or the circumstances surrounding it. Read more

Here are some other examples:

  • She played the guitar passionately,
  • He angrily flicked his cigarette butt onto the floor,
  • The manager lovingly hugged her new employee goodbye after their training sessions were complete.

Example Sentences of Adverb of Manner:

  1. She eats gently.
  2. He played well.
  3. He furiously runs away from the market.
  4. They are extremely extraordinary English teachers.
  5. The banana tree swayed softly in the wind.
  6. Sara sang loudly in the classroom.
  7. She ate my lunch greedily.
  8. He sat waiting patiently for his turn.
  9. Fruits and vegetables ripen well in the sunlight.
  10. She generously gave us the money.

So these are some useful examples all the bold letters are examples of adverbs of manner.