Same Sound Words | Homophones

Two or more than two words having the same pronunciations but different in spelling is called homophone.

A homophone is a mixture of two words one is homo and the other is the phone. Homo means the same and the phone means sound. So we can say that homophones are words that have the same sound but totally different in spelling. Homophones are not only different in spelling but they are also different in meaning.

Some Examples of the same sound words (homophones)

  • Male: Mail.
  • Right: Write.
  • Die: Dye.
  • See: Sea.
  • Sum: Some.

Example sentences of Homophones:

  • Male: He is a male doctor.
  • Mail: Ali sent a mail to me.

Both words are the same in pronunciation but different in meaning.

  • Right: Sara eats an apple with her right hand.
  • Write: Write a letter to your friend.

In the above sentences, the word Right means opposite of left and the word Write means to form a symbol, letters, or word on anything. These words are the same in pronunciation but totally different in meaning.

  • Die: The flowers will die.
  • Dye: The dye is brown.

In the above sentences, one Die means any living thing stops to live. And the word Dye means color.

  • See: We can see with our eyes.
  • Sea: The seawater is salty.

Both words are the same in pronunciation but different in meaning.

  • Sum: The sum of 4 and3 is 7.
  • Some: Give me some sweets.

In the above words Sum is adding anything and the other some means an unspecified amount of anything.

List of some important Homophones:

  • Son – Sun.
  • New – Knew
  • Buy – By
  • Right – Write
  • Allowed – Aloud
  • Altar – Alter
  • Sight – Site
  • Bear – Bare
  • Beach – Beech
  • Be – Bee
  • Bean – Been.
  • Four – Fore.
  • No – Know.
  • Hour – Our.
  • Hue – Hew.
  • Hi – High.
  • Flu- Flew
  • Hertz – Hurts.
  • Fate – Fete
  • Fare – Fair
  • Addition – Edition
  • Die – Dye
  • Whole – Hole
  • Hare – Hair
  • Sell – Cell
  • Flower – Flour
  • Piece – Peace
  • Lie – Lye
  • Tale – Tail
  • Deer – Dear.