What is Demonstrative Adjective? | Definition & Easy 10 Examples:

What is Demonstrative Adjective?  As we know that adjectives are used to modify nouns and pronouns, as well as other adjectives, as well as verbs, clauses, and even entire sentences.

However, some adjectives are limited in terms of what they can modify, and demonstrative Adjectives are one of these types of adjectives that have specific limitations on the type of word they can modify.

In this topic, we discuss demonstrative Adjectives and its definition and learn some useful examples.

What is Demonstrative Adjective? 

Demonstrative adjective points out the noun that it modifies in the sentence.

Demonstrative adjectives are used to point out which thing we are talking about, like this and that,

Demonstrative adjectives are used to point out nouns. They can also be used in place of certain pronouns and other determiners, such as articles or possessive adjectives, to reinforce the identity of the noun they modify.

 Demonstrative adjectives include;

  • This.
  • That.
  • These.
  • Those.

They indicate how near or far away the noun that they are modifying is from the speaker.

For example,

  • This book

Means the book that I am holding close to me.

These adjectives are also known as demonstrative determiners are used to demonstrate or emphasize the noun that follows them in a sentence.

 But they can also be used to refer to another noun in the sentence that precedes them.

These adjectives are also known as demonstrative pronouns show which personplace, or thing we are talking about by pointing at them.

Examples Sentences of Demonstrative Adjectives:

  1. Please give me this marker to write something.
  2. This marker is a beautiful writing experience.
  3. This frock looks pretty on me.
  4.  This is my house.
  5. Can you eat all of those apples?
  6. Give me that bag, it’s mine.
  7. This ship will sail north tomorrow evening.
  8. They bought these candles for their wedding anniversary.
  9. That rose is very beautiful.
  10. These plants are not growing well.

So these are all the example sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of demonstrative adjectives. Read more