Quantitative Adjectives |10 Useful Examples & List


 Quantitative Adjectives are adjective that describes a quantity or number, such as plenty of or several, or a few.
These adjectives are used to describe objects and describe how many of that object there are, how much there is, or some sort of measurement about the object itself.

For example;

  • If you have six red crayons.

Quantitative adjectives are a type of adjective used to describe the intensity or amount of something.

There are three types of quantitative adjectives:

  • Primary.
  • Secondary.
  • Tertiary.

 Primary quantitative adjectives give the most information about an object’s intensity or amount.

While secondary and tertiary quantitative adjectives give progressively less information as they appear farther away from the noun they modify.

These adjectives are also known as countable adjectives are adjectives that have both singular and plural forms.

Quantitative adjectives measure the amount of something within a specific period of time, typically within one year.

 For example,

  • You had $100 in your checking account on January 1st, 2017, and $110 in your checking account on January 1st, 2018.

 In this case, you would have increased your checking account balance by 10% in one year or you could say that your checking account grew by $10.

You can also use numerical adjectives to make sense clear.

For instance,

  • There are 300 people in the marriage hall.

Example Sentences of Quantitative adjective:

  1. She has 30 goats and 10 cows.
  2. I have four pencils and five pens in my pencil case.
  3. I have sufficient money for shopping and traveling.
  4. Sara cooked 3 eggs for her friends.
  5. Most people are rich in America.
  6. Little milk is needed to make that cake.
  7. She ate half of my ice cream.
  8. There is enough butter for my breakfast.
  9. I have three chocolates in my bag.
  10. Sam has four apples in his hands.

So these are the useful example sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of quantitative adjective. More

Quantitative Adjectives list

  • Neither
  • Little
  • Single
  • Too
  • Hundred
  • Most
  • A little
  • Either
  • Light
  • Any
  • Heavily
  • Substantial
  • Double
  • Sufficient
  • Great
  • Numerous
  • Couple
  • Whole
  • Sparse
  • A little bit
  • Several
  • Enough
  • Every
  • Half
  • All
  • Lots of
  • Empty
  • Insufficient
  • Hundreds
  • Huge
  • Some
  • Plenty of
  • So few
  • Much
  • A lot
  • Significant
  • Few
  • Full
  • Heavy
  • Many
  • No
  • Abundant
  • Enough of
  • Each