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Homophone or same sound words that have the same pronunciation,  but different in spelling and same in pronunciation. These words are also different in meaning.
The word homophone has two parts one is Homo and the second is a phone. Homo means same and the phone mean to sound so the word homophone means those word that is different in meaning but same in sound.

Examples of the same sound words (homophones)

  • Male: Mail.
  • Right: Write.
  • Die: Dye.
  • See: Sea.
  • Sum: Some.

Example sentences of these same sound words:

  • Male: He is a male doctor.
  • Mail: Ali sent a mail to me.

Both words are the same in pronunciation but different in meaning.

same sound words
same sound words
  • Right: Sara eats an apple with her right hand.
  • Write: Write a letter to your friend.

In the above sentences, the word Right means opposite of left and the word Write means to form a symbol, letters, or word on anything. These words are the same in pronunciation but totally different in meaning.

  • Die: The flowers will die.
  • Dye: The dye is brown.
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In the above sentences, one Die means any living thing stops to live. And the word Dye means color.

  • See: We can see with our eyes.
  • Sea: The seawater is salty.

Both words are the same in pronunciation but different in meaning.

  • Sum: The sum of 4 and3 is 7.
  • Some: Give me some sweets.

In the above words Sum is adding anything and the other some means an unspecified amount of anything.

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Here is a comprehensive list of homophones, or words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings:

  1. Accept, except
  2. Affect, effect
  3. Aid, aide
  4. Air, heir
  5. Allowed, aloud
  6. Altar, alter
  7. Arc, ark
  8. Ascent, assent
  9. Ate, eight
  10. Banned, band
  11. Bare, bear
  12. Base, bass
  13. Beach, beech
  14. Beer, bier
  15. Berry, bury
  16. Blew, blue
  17. Brake, break
  18. Bread, bred
  19. Brews, bruise
  20. Buy, by, bye
  21. Cell, sell
  22. Cent, scent, sent
  23. Chews, choose
  24. Clause, claws
  25. Coarse, course
  26. Complement, compliment
  27. Creak, creek
  28. Crews, cruise
  29. Dear, deer
  30. Dew, due
  31. Die, dye
  32. Discreet, discrete
  33. Doe, dough
  34. Done, dun
  35. Dual, duel
  36. Earn, urn
  37. Ewe, you
  38. Eye, aye, I
  39. Fair, fare
  40. Feat, feet
  41. Flee, flea
  42. Flour, flower
  43. For, four
  44. Fore, four
  45. Gamble, gambol
  46. Gait, gate
  47. Grate, great
  48. Groan, grown
  49. Hair, hare
  50. Hall, haul
  51. Heal, heel
  52. Hear, here
  53. Heel, heal
  54. Hews, hues
  55. Higher, hire
  56. Him, hymn
  57. Hoarse, horse
  58. Hole, whole
  59. Holy, wholly
  60. Hour, our
  61. I’ll, aisle, isle
  62. Inn, in
  63. It’s, its
  64. Jewellery, jewelry
  65. Kernel, colonel
  66. Key, quay
  67. Knot, not
  68. Know, no
  69. Lacks, lax
  70. Laid, lade
  71. Lair, layer
  72. Leak, leek
  73. Lean, lien
  74. Lessen, lesson
  75. Lewd, crude
  76. Lie, lye
  77. Loan, lone
  78. Made, maid
  79. Mail, male
  80. Mane, main
  81. Maze, maize
  82. Meat, meet
  83. Medal, meddle
  84. Metal, mettle
  85. Mite, might
  86. Moan, mown
  87. Morning, mourning
  88. Muscle, mussel
  89. Mustard, custard
  90. Night, knight
  91. Noes, nose
  92. None, nun
  93. Oar, or, ore
  94. One, won
  95. Pail, pale
  96. Pain, pane
  97. Pair, pear
  98. Peace, piece
  99. Peak, peek
  100. Plain, plane
  101. Pore, pour
  102. Pray, prey
  103. Principal, principle
  104. Rain, reign, rein
  105. Raze, raise
  106. Read, red
  107. Reed, read
  108. Right, write
  109. Ring, wring
  110. Road, rode
  111. Role, roll
  112. Root, route
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