Present perfect continuous/ progressive tense


Present perfect continuous Tense is also called Present progressive tense, tell us about the actions started in the past and still continue.

Present perfect continuous Rules:

We use has been  with only 3rd person singular. (He, she, it, Ali ) 

Since is used to talk about  Point of time . moring, evening, 2 pm, 4’0 clock, Monday, 2013 etc

 For  is usde to talk about  period of time . 2 hours, 10 minutes, 1 weeks, 2 years

Read  examples  sentences  of the present perfect progressive tense

Example sentences.

He has been playing since morning.

I have been waiting for her for 3 hours.

Structure of Present perfect continuous

Positive sentences

Sub has/have  been present participle  
He has been reading for an hour.
She has been dancing.  
We have been playing since morning.

Negative sentences

Sub has/have    been present participle  
He has not been reading for an hour.
She has not been dancing.  
They have not been playing since morning.

Interrogative sentences

has/have Sub  been present participle  
Has she been reading for an hour.
Has it been raing?  
Have you been playing since morning.

Using the present perfect  progressive/continuous tense:

1.We use the Present Perfect Continuous to  talk about some thing started in the past ant still continue.


  • It has  been raining since morning.
  • He has been ridding on a bike for an hour .
  • What have you been taking about  for 20 minutes on phone?
  • Aslam  has been learning  in this college since March.
  • We have been walking  for an hour  hours!
  • Why has the patient not been taking his medicine regularly?
present perfect continuous tense
Present perfect continuous tense Exercise:

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