Conversation On Meeting

On Meeting  ملنے پر

  • On Meeting 01Don’t forget it/Keep it in mind.
  • Let me know when he comes.
  • See you again.
  • Give/convey my regards to him.
  • Do write to me sometimes/off and on.
  • Please give me your address.
  • Long time no see. (informal)./
    Didn’t see you for a long time.
  • He has asked for you.
  • My work is not yet over.
  • I’ve come to seek your advice.
  • Meet me next Sunday.
  • Have you arranged/fixed  up a meeting with her/him?
  • It was nice meeting him.
  • You are always welcome.
  • There is no need for formality./Don’t be formal.
  • I am not on good terms with him.
  • We have an excellent/perfect relationship with each other.
  • Thanks for a pleasant/wonderful/ lovely evening!
  • I haven’t heard about him for long.
  • Let’s have some good news.
  • Your letter has just been received.
  • On Meeting 02Write immediately on reaching.
  • When do I see you again./When shall we meet again?
  • Its been nice seeing you./I am glad to see you!
  • I wish to talk to you.
  • I waited long for you.
  • You are late by half an hour.
  • We have come too early.
  • How are you?
  • Introduce me to him.
  • Wire about your welfare.
  • Take exercise daily/everyday.
  • There is something important to do.
  • Why didn’t you come that day?
  • You are mistaken./You are at fault.