How to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

resumeThe CV completely informed about your personal and professional career. It must be clearly organized to allow the reader a quick overview.
The essence must be presented clearly and in the correct order.
Do not falsify or conceal your information.

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The resume should be written with a typewriter or computer. The scope extends to a maximum of two pages.

There is the functional, and the detailed curriculum vitae.


The functional resume employment and training (s) are grouped together in blocks.

The detailed hand-written resume is designed to in paragraph form. This type of resume summarizes all the information together in a text.
Tip: First, create a CV and forward it to the detailed resume or CV.
Only on request should you choose this form!

Most common is the curriculum vitae. This may or anti-chronological chronological order (last job first), are structured. The anti-chronological structure is useful when you have to show an extensive career.

Contents of the tabular CV

Basically, duplicate formatting to refrain such as bold and underlined.

Initiated, the resume with the heading “CV”. The alignment is up to you (left or centered).
Top right photo is placed in the  rule of application.

Then follow the individual bullet points.

Personal data
Name: Title / first and last name, Diploma degree..
Address: Sample Road 4
01800 model village
Phone: …
E-mail: …
Birth date and place: 10.06.1978 in the model village
For foreigners, the country is also indicated.
Nationality: Only specify when the nationality can not be derived from the name.
Marital status: single / married / …, number of children, age of children
The following bullet points are intended as an example and are, depending on the career to structure differently. The rule is: Do not only give periods of time, but also areas of responsibility and experience.
[Dates] Name, location and type of school completion
The final grade is given in parentheses.Example:
Goethe Gymnasium in Bischofswerda, Degree: High School (2.0)
Basic military / public service
[Month / year] Go on a particular area of ​​activity.Example:
Conscript who work as military drivers in Eggesin
Vocational training
[Month / year] Company (if any) of training, type of training, completion
[Month / year] Name of College or University
Course / subject
Completion with grade
may subject the work and promotion
[Month / year] Company, location and activity area
Professional career
[Month / year] Company, location and a brief description of duties
Highlight objects that are relevant for the desired location.
Professional development
[Month / year] Type and degree (eg seminars)

More bullet points could be:

Experiences abroad or travel-
Language skills
Computer Skills
Interests and hobbies Summary of hobbies which are relevant for the desired location. Avoid high-risk sports such as skydiving, etc.
Other Description of activities covered under any other bullet.
Avoid details of the type “since 06/2004 unemployed”. Instead, describe how the time was used in the application phase (for example, research, training, etc.).
Place, date and signature With your signature you confirm the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided. Under Write legibly with first and last name. Do not use a salutation!

Degrees and qualifications must be supported by copies of certificates.

The Company, location and a brief description of duties

/strong Computer Skills