English speaking lesson 32

Refusal نا منظوری

  1. Refusal 1I won’t be able to come.
  2. I won’t be able to do as you wish.
  3. I don’t want to come.
  4. I’m sorry to refuse.
  5. They won’t agree to this.
  6. It’s not possible.
  7. I regret, I can’t accept this proposal.
  8. You don’t agree with me, do you?
  9. It can’t be arranged.
  10. She’s averse to this idea/to it,
    She does not like it.

Believing  یقین

  1. Beliving 2Don’t you believe it?
  2. Its only a rumour.
  3. It’s only a hearsay/rumour.
  4. Should/Can we trust this taxi driver?
  5. You can trust them fully.
  6. I have full faith in him.

Request التجا

  1. Request 3Please wait.
  2. Please come back.
  3. Let it be
  4. Please come here.
  5. Please reply/answer.
  6. Please wake him up.
  7. Hope to hear from you.
  8. Will you do me a favour?
  9. Let me work.
  10. Let me see.
  11. Let them relax.
  12. Please give me a pencil and paper.
  13. Please do come day after tomorrow,don’t forget.
  14. Please repeat./Pardon./I beg your pardon.
  15. Could you move/shift a little.
  16. Can you see me day after tomorrow?
  17. Please forgive me.
  18. Please open the window.
  19. All are requested to reach in time.