English speaking lesson 3

Good manners in English

Good manners in English
Please allow me Pardon Thanks
After you That is alright Kindly
Welcome Sorry Excuse me
Its my pleasure    

If want to ask any thing , don’t forget  to use “Please” or “Kindly”

1: What is the time?
3:Yes, I will drink it.
2:Give me a glass of water.
4:Give me your pen.
 You can say like this:  
1:Time, please?
2:Yes, please.
2:A glass of water, please.
4:May I have your pen, please?

If some one has done even a little favor to you, don’t  forget to say “Thank you”

My pleasure.
It’s fine.
Welcome/You’re welcome.
No mention.
It’s all right.

Good manners sentences:

  1. lam sorry, I couldn’t make it that day.
  2. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it in time.
  3. I’m sorry, I got a little late.
  4. Please convey my apologies.
  5. It was all by mistake.
  6. please excuse me.
  7. Sorry to have disturbed you.
  8. I beg your pardon.
  9. Allow me to say.
  10. May I have your attention, please?
  11. It’s all yours.
  12. Will you please permit me to speak?
  13. Let me also help you.
  14. Will you please move a bit?
  15. Will you please speak slowly?
  16. Will you mind speaking a bit so softly please?
  17. Will you please let me sit?
  18. Could you spare a few moments for me?
  19. As u like please.
  20. Please make yourself comfortable.
  21. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  22. That’s very/so kind of you.
  23. Please help yourself.
  24. Glad to meet you.
  25. Thanks for your kind/valuable advice