English language skills

How can you improve your listening skills?

There are 4 basic skills of every language, and listening is considered the most important skill, because without improving this skill we are unable to speak. English has the advantage that a certain listening skills relatively quickly adjust and that it has thus not too difficult to train the existing listening skills even further. These tricks will surely help you to improve listening skill.

How to speak English fluently?

Speaking English fluently is the dream of every English learning student, but the majority of Pakistani students cannot speak the English language, even our Master in English is unable to communicate in a suitable way. We study English in our whole academic career, there are many factors involved in our failure, I will discuss later, there are some tips that surely help you to achieve your goal.

Improve your English reading skills

You break out in sweat when you have to read texts in English? Staring at a page full of foreign words, even a secure reader can unsettle. Here are five useful tips that will make reading an adventure for yo

Learn and improve English writing skills

The basic thing that you need to concentrate on learning the English writing skills is grammar. It is very important to understand the past, present and future tenses, if you write in English. English writing is not as easy as speaking English. It requires the correct grammar, sentence structure and proper names to understand the reader. Here you will find general information about people who write

Professional CV writing skill

In today’s ever changing job market, a well written, effective resume is an excellent tool to search for desirable jobs. Here are some tips for writing professional resume.