Trees Name in English and Hindi

Here in this topic, Trees Name in English we discuss the entire tree name list with pictures.


 Trees are an important part of the environment, and most people see them as aesthetically pleasing or as sources of wood, rather than as health-promoting organisms that improve the quality of our lives.

Their benefits include oxygenation of the air, reduction of noise pollution, and mitigation of temperature extremes; they also provide natural resources in the form of food, medicine, fuel, and more.

Trees Name in English
Trees Name in English

Trees are without question the most beautiful and beneficial living beings on our planet, which we couldn’t even survive without.

 In fact, if you really think about it, trees are very similar to humans – they produce their own food (sap), they breathe in air and release oxygen, they produce and recycle their own water, and they protect us from extreme weather and even earthquakes by absorbing energy through their roots, they provide us with shelter, shade, and fruit that we eat as well as wood that can be used to build houses and furniture. There is a complete list of tree names in English that are given below.

50+ trees name in English:

  • Sal Tree
  • Ebony
  • Guava Tree
  • Mahwa Tree
  • Polyalthia
  • Date Palm
  • Apple Tree
  • Banana Tree
  • Ironwood
  • Tamarind Tree
  • Apricot Tree
  • Amla Tree
  • Delonix Regia
  • Banyan
  • Mast Tree
  • Khejri Tree (Shami)
  • Papaya Tree
  • Bastard Teak
  • Flax
  • Jack Fruit Tree
  • Toona
  • Sorrowless Tree
  • Rubber Plant
  • Bamboo
  • Sandalwood
  • Cactus
  • Casuarina Tree
  • Bael Tree
  • Cannon-Ball Tree
  • Teakwood
  • Pomegranate Tree
  • Coconut Tree
  • Oak
  • Deodar Cedar
  • Alstonia
  • Palm Tree
  • Mango Tree
  • Gulmohar Tree
  • Walnut
  • Neem
  • Nutmeg
  • Pine
  • Jute
  • Curry Tree
  • Sapodilla
  • Custard Apple Tree
  • Betel Nut Tree
  • Rudraksha Tree
  • Babul (Acacia)
  • Cane
  • Grapevine
  • Cypress
  • Sheesham
  • Birch
  • Conifer
  • Peepal
  • Eucalyptus Tree

Trees Name in English with detail: 

Eucalyptus tree:

A wiki has it that the Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia. The oil from its leaves can be used as a therapeutic inhalant for people with bronchitis, a cold, or a cough. Additionally, its greasy nature makes it a fantastic bug-repellent.

Curry Tree:

As a powder ground from its seeds, curry leaves are used to flavor curries, chutneys, pickles, and sambals. And for centuries, curry leaves have been used as a ritual herb in Hindu religious ceremonies. Historically, it has also been used in India for medicinal purposes.


The teakwood tree can grow to be as tall as 200 feet and as wide as 10 to 20 feet. The world’s largest teakwood tree can be found in Wannian County, China. These trees have trunks that measure up to 50 feet in diameter, a total canopy spread of 12 acres.


One species of birch tree has beautiful white bark, which peels off in strips. The inner bark of this tree was used by indigenous people to create a potent drink with healing properties. In earlier times, this drink was given to warriors before battles to increase their stamina.


Neem, a traditional medicinal plant, has been shown to protect the skin’s antiviral and antibacterial properties. Not only does neem oil contain fatty acids that inhibit microbial growth, it is an excellent alternative to chemical soaps.

Furthermore, neem leaves have been used in India since ancient times to purify drinking water due to their natural anti-fungal properties.

Betel Nut Tree:

Known in Asia as an Areca Palm, a slow-growing evergreen that reaches heights of 10-20 feet. It’s native to Southeast Asia and can be found in tropical areas in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Australia. These are unique in that they produce clusters of small yellowish flowers, grow a type of round fruit with a red outer coating, and this fruit looks similar to large olives.


Visit your local park and you’ll likely see a number of people from kids playing games to couples chatting. Seeing a tree every day reminds me of how trees contribute in many ways—not just through shade and oxygen, but also health benefits. Read more about trees names in English with pictures