Indefinite pronoun | Examples, Definition & List

What is an indefinite pronoun? There are some main types of pronouns one of them is the indefinite pronoun. In this topic, we discuss What is an indefinite pronoun? Its example and list of some important indefinite pronouns.

indefinite pronoun


An indefinite pronoun is a type of pronoun that does not refer to any specific person or thing. It refers to someone or something in general like you would use ‘someone’ or ‘something’ in conversation.

These pronouns are most often used to avoid repeating nouns.

Such as;

  • Everyone should wear their life vests.

An indefinite pronoun, which is also called an indeterminate pronoun, is any pronoun that can be used in place of a noun to refer to an object or person without being specific as to who or what it is.

Useful indefinite pronouns:

  • Someone.
  • Everyone.
  • Anything.
  • Nothing.
  • Each other.
  • Another one.
  • Anyone.
  • Anything.
  •  Each.
  •  Either.
  •  Everybody.
  •  Everything.
  •  Few.
  • Many.
  •  Neither.
  • Nobody.
  • Nothing.
  •  One, both.
  • Both of them.
  • Neither of them.

An indefinite pronoun stands in place of something we want to refer to but don’t want to name specifically.

What and ‘which’ are indefinite pronouns that refer to either people or things, though ‘what’ also has other meanings as well.

They can be used as singular or plural pronouns and are therefore classified as ‘indefinite’ rather than ‘definite’ pronouns.

Some Useful Example Sentences of Indefinite pronouns:

  1. We finally moved to another house. (another)
  2. Everyone knows about that school. (Everyone)
  3. No one will help you on your bad days. (No one)
  4. Most of the actors are participating in the national award show. (Most)
  5. Several people came to the ground to support the leader. (Several)
  6. Each and everything is possible in this world. (Each)
  7. Noting is impossible in this world. (Noting)
  8. Bring some cakes for both of us. (both of us)
  9. In my point of view, all are equal. (all)
  10. Would you like something to eat?  (something)

So these are some important example sentences, of Indefinite pronouns all letters in () are under the definition of the Indefinite pronoun.

Indefinite pronoun lists

  • Everyone
  • Many
  • Noone
  • Such
  • Every
  • Any
  • All
  • Much
  • Everything
  • Most
  • Something
  • Enough
  • Nobody
  • Little
  • Few
  • None
  • Other
  • They
  • Nothing
  • One
  • Some
  • Either
  • Someone
  • Anybody
  • Anyone
  • Each
  • Each one
  • Everybody
  • Both
  • Neither
  • Several
  • Anything
  • Another
  • Somebody
  • Less
  • Somewhere