Flower Names for Girls, Uncommon Flower Names

Here in this topic, Flower Names, we learn that Flowers are one of the most colorful and vibrant parts of life, and also we learn the names of beautiful flowers and their categories. We are going to publish flower names infographic and a list of common flower names with pictures.

Flower Names infographic

Flower Names
Flower Names

Flower Names:

A flower (plural flowers) is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. Flowers may be arranged in a wide variety of ways, in many cases, the flower is small and simple, but there are often complex structures found in flowers such as petals and nectar-producing structures.

Flowers are usually borne in groups called inflorescences. On special stems that bear they are called pedicels. Flower parts include sepals, petals, stamens, pistils, and seeds.

A flower, also known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants of the division Magnoliophyta, also called angiosperms.

Flowers give rise to fruit and seeds also called grains which contain spores and endosperms.

List of Flower Names:

  1. Lady’s slipper orchid
  2. Magnolia
  3. Orange Tiger Lily
  4. Orchid
  5. Golden Shower Flower
  6. Zombie Pea, Butterfly Pea
  7. Lavender
  8. Sandalwood Flower
  9. Bluebell
  10. Cherry Blossom
  11. Pansy
  12. Daisy
  13. Lotus
  14. Prickly Pear
  15. Canna Lily
  16. Orange Blossom
  17. Bougainvillea
  18. Aloe Vera Flower
  19. Caltrops
  20. Crape Jasmine
  21. Balsam
  22. Monsoon lily
  23. Peacock Flower
  24. Creeper Flowers
  25. Sweet Jasmine
  26. Chrysanthemum
  27. Butea  Monosperma
  28. Pot Marigold
  29. Night Blooming Jasmine
  30. Pomegranate Flower
  31. Blood Lily
  32. Rose mallows
  33. Apricot Flower
  34. Papaya Flower
  35. Foxtail Orchid
  36. Rose
  37. Bleeding Heart
  38. Calendula
  39. Cone Flower
  40. Lily
  41. Dandelion Dewdrop
  42. Tulip
  43. Common crape Myrtle
  44. Lady Finger Flower
  45. Periwinkle
  46. Iris
  47. Primrose
  48. Black Turmeric
  49. Arabian jasmine,
  50. Flax
  51. Common White Frangipani
  52. Blue Morning Glory
  53. Forest Ghost Flower
  54. Murraya
  55. Delonix Regia
  56. Jasmine
  57. Cypress Vine, Star Glory
  58. Chamomile Vine
  59. Tuberose Flower
  60. Canna Flower
  61. Hibiscus
  62. Common Lantana
  63. Cockscomb Flower
  64. Oleander
  65. Poppy
  66. Aster
  67. Daffodil
  68. Scarlet
  69. Asiatic Lily
  70. Geranium
  71. Achillea Millefolium
  72. Blue star
  73. Marigold
  74. Purple Passion
  75. Stramonium
  76. Star Jasmine
  77. Bauhinia
  78. Golden Frangipani
  79. Crown flower
  80. Balloon Flower
  81. Cobra Saffron
  82. Snowdrop
  83. Siros Lily
  84. Mexican Tuberose
  85. Dahlia
  86. Grand Crinum Lily
  87. Narcissus
  88. Sunflower
  89. Cross andra
  90. Glory Lily
  91. Mexican Prickly Poppy
  92. Crocus
  93. Mussaenda
  94. Basil
  95. Apple Flower
  96. Indigo Flower
  97. Water Lily
  98. Acacia
  99. Castor Ricinus
  100. Forget me not

Uses of Flowers:

Flowers have long been appreciated by humans and are widely used in;

  • Horticulture
  • Floral design
  • In the perfume industry
  • As garlands
  • In religious ceremonies
  • As symbolism for human virtues such as purity or love.
  • By giving the gift of flowers you can express the feelings of appreciation or gratitude you wish to convey to your special person.

Types of Flowers:

People categorize the flowers into many different categories that are given below.

Hardiness zone:

There are so many flowers in the world. But they are all not the same some of them are wild they can bear the temperature hotness or coldness. But some are very soft in nature they can’t survive in hard temperatures.

Flower names of hardiness Zone;


Cactus has the ability to survive in the hottest temperature. Cactus can live without water for a long time. When we compare lily with cactus, lily can’t survive in that hot temperature.

Frequency of Growth:

 We categorize the flower on their ability of how frequently they can grow. There are two main categories on the basis of growth.

  1. Perennials
  2. Annuals


We plant these plants only once there is no need to plant them again and again if they are healthy, mostly they bloom in spring and summer.


We plant these flowers every year .they bloom for a certain period of time if they die they will never regrow in the same year. We again plant them next year.


Some types of flowers are generally grown for decoration and gifts. People associate the flowers with some emotions, good luck, and greetings and people associate some flowers with the birthday months.

For instance,

  • Rose for love and affection.
  • Lilies for joy and prosperity.

List of Common flowers Names: 


Roses Flower names

Rose is the king of the flowers and people consider it a symbol of love and affection. Roses have very sweet fragrances. There is a large variety of roses because roses are found in many colors list of roses is given below.

  • Floribunda Roses
  • Grand flora Roses
  • Hybrid Tea Roses
  • English Roses
  • China Roses
  • Polyanthus Roses
  • Tea Roses
  • Damask Roses
  • Shrub Roses
  • Miniature Roses
  • Noisette Roses


Daisies flowers name

Daisies are one of the most well-known flowers, if not the most well-known flower in the world. They can be found in nearly every country on Earth and have been cultivated since ancient times.

 They come in an astonishing array of colors, from pure white to deep burgundy, and can be used as cut flowers or even grown as ornamentals in your garden and lawn.

  • Blue Marguerite Daisies
  • Livingstone Daisies
  • African Daisies
  • Cape Daisies
  • Blue-eyed Daisies
  • Black-eyed Susans (Also known as Gloriosa Daisies)
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Desert Star Daisies
  • English Daisies
  • Aster Daisies
  • Florist’s Daisies


Tulip flower names

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, but that’s not their only selling point.

 They are often used as symbols of love and rebirth which makes them particularly popular around Easter, and they have many practical uses as well, making them important in agriculture and horticulture.

  • Candia Tulips
  • Parrot Tulips
  • Garden Tulips
  • Flax-leaved Tulips
  • Lady Tulips
  • Red Cross Tulips
  • Turkestan Tulips


Irises flower names

The Iris flower comes in many different colors and varieties, including the famous yellow iris, purple iris, Siberian iris, and dwarf iris.

 The plant has been around since ancient Greek times and was even used by the Egyptians in their hieroglyphics.

  • Bearded Irises
  • Sweet Iris
  • Yellow Irises
  • Crested Iris
  • Netted Irises
  • Blue Iris
  • Siberian Irises
  • Japanese Iris
  • Algerian Irises
  • Wall Irises


lilies flower names

Lilies are one of the most common and cherished flowers in the world. They have been around since at least 6000 BC, and have represented many different meanings over time.

 Despite their popularity, there are still some people who haven’t heard about the full meaning or symbolism behind these gorgeous flowers. Read more

 Lilies represent peace, joy, and prosperity in life.

  • Leopard Lilies
  • Golden-rayed Lilies
  • Madonna Lilies
  • Wood Lilies
  • Royal Lilies
  • Orange Lilies
  • Easter Lilies
  • Tiger Lilies
  • Stargazer Lilies
  • David’s Lilies
  • Humboldt’s Lilies
  • Martagon Lilies