Distributive adjective | Definition & 10 Easy Examples:


The distributive adjective is an adjective that is used to describe more than one thing or person at the same time or separately.

The Distributive adjective is used to distribute something over several people or things.

Distributive adjective

Examples of distributive adjectives include

  • Each
  • Every
  • Both
  • Either

These adjectives are not just used in formal writing, but also in everyday language and speech. Examples of distributive adjectives can be found throughout this article!

A distributive adjective describes a noun that denotes one of the members of a group or set, as opposed to a collective noun that describes all of them together.

 For example,

 In the phrase a flock of sheep, the word flock acts as a distributive adjective.

 If we say a herd of cattle, then we use herd as an adjective that describes all of the cattle at once.

The adjective is used to describe more than one thing or person at the same time or separately.

For example, the word each in this sentence,

  • Each student was asked to hand in his assignment on time.

 Describes two things student and assignment separately.

This adjective sometimes referred to as an adverbial or adverbial phrase, describes how many of something there are in a group or collection of people or things.

 For example,

  • How many pennies there are in a pile of 12 pennies?

 You may also hear it called an adverbial number or an appositive adjective.

Example Sentences of Distributive Adjectives:

  1. Learn the answers to each question of this chapter.
  2. Each player must bring his own bat.
  3. Sara and his husband both of them are in the hospital.
  4. Every cabinet in her cupboard is full of clothes.
  5. She cleans her house every day.
  6. Either boy can solve this paper.
  7. Each of her friends is happy with her.
  8. Behind his back, everyone is laughing at him.
  9. I gave each of my four friends a gift.
  10. Each of the players is not playing well.

So these are some easy and useful example sentences, all the bold letters are under the definition of the distributive adjective. Read more