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12 Months Name in English: 

 The name of each month comes from the Latin word meaning month, and the names of the months are simply the Latin ordinal numbers one through 12.

12 Months Name in English infographic

12 Month Name in English
S .no12 Months Name in EnglishNum of days
2February28/ (29 in a leap year)

12 Months Name in English with detail:


J-A-N-U-A-R-Y (January)– The month of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s the perfect time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and what we are working towards. As an example, spend January writing your goals so you can refer back to them throughout the year. Furthermore, you should do your best to stay positive during the month of January.


February the season’s changes and warmer days welcome new flora and fauna, many animals like the chipmunk, reindeer, and opossum start to go into a sleep or temporary hibernation called dormancy.

For example, many birds are staying put instead of migrating south for the winter. As an example, European immigrants brought traditions like Groundhog Day to America.


The spring-like climate of this month brings average high temperatures of 72 degrees and is an ideal time to start a garden or to get out of the house.

The average rainfall in March is 1.62 inches, and there are 77 days to enjoy weather conditions that are better than in January. When it comes to the weather, April is worth mentioning. From a business perspective, it’s also worth noting that April typically has the highest percentage of tax return filings from businesses seeking refunds from January expenses, such as employees’ salaries or equipment purchases.


What’s special about the month with more birthdays than any other time of year?


Summer is almost over, so it’s time to start planning ahead for next season. Starting at the end of May is the perfect time to plant new fruit trees, starting new plants in your garden, and clear overgrown foliage.

In order to save money in the long-term, ensure you have plenty of compost in storage to keep things going well—this will allow you to skip the high cost of composting products in the future.


Naming this Juno from mythology, it’s after the Roman Goddess who tricked her husband, Jupiter, into drinking a potion that made him fall asleep to protect Rome from her enemies.

It is also known as the sixth month (Latin: Sextilis) after Sextus Julius Caesar, who divided the old Roman calendar by making two months of July and August between the months of May and June.


In July, people tend to take vacations, making it an excellent time to plan for one of your own. Additionally, July is one of our nation’s biggest holidays. This is a perfect time to come out and celebrate.


This eighth month on most calendars includes the Gregorian and Julian calendars. It’s a beautiful month of the year.


September is the ninth month of the year and is shorter than most. Sometimes people celebrate their birthdays in September, which is also when a lot of people get married.

 Autumn comes to town and the temperature starts to fall so that kids can start learning again. This month is earlier than October.


The Halloween Candy and Crunchy Leaves are in October.


The winter holiday season lasts all of December. The winter holiday season continues; we have the opportunity to celebrate Hanukkah (or Chanukah). Christmas, Kwanza. January: New Year’s Day and the first month of the year.


For the ten days that are left before the holiday, it’s still time to get gifts for friends and family. If you need a fresh idea, here are a few thoughts to mull over. More about 12 months in a year