Video lessons

Learning English becomes more easy with video lectures. These videos will surely help you to understand simple grammar rules. If you learn and practice, after listening videos, I am sure, you will  get command over grammar very soon. I think without sufficient practice, learning grammar is impossible.

Present continuous/ progressive tense

Present continuous/ progressive tense by khurshid-akhtar-5

Polite Expressions in English

polite-expressions by khurshid-akhtar-5

Greetings and answering

Greetings and answering by khurshid-akhtar-5

Simple future tense

Simple future tense by khurshid-akhtar-5

Use of Do / Does

Use of Do / Does by khurshid-akhtar-5

Present simple/ indefinite tense

Present simple/ indefinite tense by khurshid-akhtar-5