English Language course Free

English Language course

Learn English language online in a very easy way, and speak English with confidence. This English language course is designed to improve all language skills i.e. Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  You can learn English language online in Urdu. Here you will learn vocabulary, grammar exercise, and latest phrases used in modern English conversation. Especially for Urdu speaking students.

English Grammar

English Grammar Lessons

Click to learn and improve English Grammar basic to advance level

English Speaking lessons

English Speaking Lessons

Here you can learn 40 English speaking lessons with Videos

Grammar Exercises

Test your English with grammar quizzes, and enhance your knowledge.

English Idioms

Daily used Idioms in English conversation, with example sentences

English Language Articles

Read tips and tricks to learn English language skills

Why our students can not speak good English language?

Our students have to learn English for many years in schools and colleges. Most students learn by the grammar-translation method, but they cannot speak or understand English well. There is no English language learning environment in our schools and colleges, so our students can not learn good English. We hope, here you will find the real way of learning the English language. Everyone knows that English is an important language and without it, you can not reach the top of the field. If you are really serious in learning the English , here is a great site for you.

learning English with or without native language?

For many students,  learning the English language with the help of their native language is a great idea. They believe that the knowledge of the meaning of all that is in English will enable them to understand and speak the English language easier than learning English to English. Many students argue about learning English in English and they give the excuse that they do not understand a word of English, how are they really understanding? But when they translate into their native language, it is easy enough for them to learn English.

Well, I do not deny the fact that this method can be useful when used properly, but it has many limitations and can not and should not be used to study different subjects.