Tenses in English grammer

Speech Synthesis
There are three stages: the past (past), present (present) and tomorrow (future). Each time step consists of different tenses. The verbs in the English tenses are not inflected. Exception is the 3 Person singular in the present tense.

There are three main types of sentences and each has four further types:

  1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense

On the following page, we first examine the following listed tenses.

Terms in EnglishExamples
Present Tense موجودہ زمانہ
Present Simple tenseI study English.
PresentI am studying English.
Simple Present PerfectI have just Studied English.
Present Perfect ContinuousI have been studying English all day.
Past tenseزمانہ ماضی، گزرا ہوا زمانہ
Past SimpleI Studied English last year.
Past Continuous /ProgressiveI was studying English the whole evening.
Past PerfectI had studied English When I heard a sound.
Past Perfect Continuous /I had been studying when i heard a sound.
Future Tense زمانہ مستقبل

Future Simple

I will study.
Future Continuous/ProgressiveI will be studying English in high school.
Future PerfectI will have studied the whole  English book by tomorrow.
Future Perfect Continuous/ProgressiveI will have been studying English all day by this evening.
Other styles of Future Tense
Future SimpleI want to study English again next semester.
Going to-futureI'm going to study English all afternoon.