English speaking lesson 9

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Use of Can

  1. 01Iram: Can you play sitar?
  2. Hina: Yes, I can play the flute as well.
  3. Iram: Can you return my books?
  4. Hina: No, I can't return them yet.
  5. Iram: Can you read Sanskrit? 
  6. Hina: Yes. I can.

Use of May

  1. 02Student: May I come in Sir?
  2. Teacher: Yes, you may.
  3. Student: May I attend Bal Sabha, Sir?
  4. Teacher: Yes, with great pleasure./Of course.
  5. Student: Sir, may I accompany Suresh?
  6. Teacher: No,You better finish your work first.

Use of Could

  1. CouldAhmad: Could you do this work alone?
  2. Aamir: No, I couldn't
  3. Ahmad: Could she help you in time?
  4. Aamir: Yes, she could.
  5. Ahmad: Could you bring me a glass of water?
  6. Aamir: With pleasure.

Use of Might/ Must/ Ought(to)/ Would/ Should

  1. 04Sohan might have helped him.
  2. He might have come here.
  3. I must attend his marriage.
  4. We ought to love our youngers.
  5. I must reach home by 10 o'clock.
  6. Would you post this letter please?
  7. You should attend the classes more regularly.


One Response to English speaking lesson 9

  1. shahbaz says:

    sir please with clear definition about strong verbs and weak verbs how can know these differentiate.

    2. And also about Passive voice except present, past future, we want to know about infinitive, perfect infinitive, participle, perfect participle and gerunds please send with examples, many more sentences should be made.


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