English speaking lesson 19

Negative sentences 1

  • Negative Sentences2I do not know.
  • I don't ask anything.
  • She does not come here.
  • She doesn't know how to make tea.
  • He did not miss the bus yesterday.
  • We haven't heard this news.
  • It's not cold today.
  • She isn't married.
  • We are not late today.
  • She wasn't in Delhi
  • We didn't attend the lecture.
  • She doesn't have a son.
  • I didn't get the letter.
  • They didn't have a conveyance.
  • Don't worry, father won't be angry.
  • Father won't be at home tomorrow.
  • We shalln't (shall not) be late tomorrow.
  • I can ride a motor cycle.
  • You must not drive the car on the footpath.
  • I couldn't reach in time day before yesterday.
  • You needn't go there.
  • No problem.
  • Now we.shouldn't close our shop,should we?
  • Negative sentences 3Negative Sentences 4It is very hot today, isn't it?
  • They are foreigners, aren't they?
  • You weren't pleased, were you?
  • It will be Sunday tomorrow, won't it?
  • We'll be ready soon, won't we?
  • I can never forget it, can I?
  • I won't be with you tomorrow, will I?
  • We have met before, haven't we?
  • You had finished your work, hadn't you?
  • You couldn't find the book for me, could you?
  • Meena shouldn't go to bed late, should she?
  • Amin must wait till12 o'clock, mustn't he?
  • She hasn't learnt English, has she?
  • You can speak English, can't you?
  • Great men don't waste their time,do they?
  • You should not talk like this,should you?
  • How pleasant it is, isn't it?
  • You think yourself to be very clever, don't you?
  • She will reach here soon, won't she?
  • She reached home late again, didn't she?
  • We never forget our childhood, do we?

Negative sentences 5

 do + not don't is + not isn't
 were + not weren't had + not hadn't
 can + not can't need + not needn't
 does + not doesn't are + not aren't
 has + not hasn't will + not won't
 must + not mustn't did + not didn't
 was + not wasn't have + not haven't
 shall + not shan't could + not couldn't
 would + not wouldn't should + not shouldn't

Negative sentences 6

I diddidn't I?He waswasn't he?
We cancan't we?I mustmustn't I?
She does notdoes she?He isisn't he?
You wereweren't you?You willwon't you?
You wouldwouldn't you?You do notdo you?
We arearen't we?They hadhadn't  they?
I shallshan't?She couldcouldn't she?
Now they're practicing.
I amI'mWe areWe're
You areYou'reThey areThey're
He isHe'sShe isShe's

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