English speaking lesson 10


123Use of Capital letter in sentence.

First letter of sentence

This is a box.When did you Come? etc.
First letter of Proper noun

The Ganges, The Pakistan, Mathura, Rehman etc.
First letter of Poetry

His coat is ragged, and blown away.
He drops his head, and he knows not why?

Abbreviation of organizations and degreis

B.A,M.com,LL.B,  P.T.O.,N.B.  U.N.O etc.
First letter of God, Lord

God, Lord, He, His.
pronoun "I" must be capital

How can I ever forget?
First letter of days and month names

January, March, Sunday, Monday etc
First letter of Salutation of letter

Dear Khatak /Aunt/Sir.
First letter of Complementary clause

Yours sincerely,/Affectionately yours.
First letter of Quotation mark in the sentence

He said, "Don't forget to inform me about the date of your interview".


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