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Greetings and answering by khurshid-akhtar-5

Greetings and farewell:

Good morning , Good day, Good afternoon, Good evening:

We use Good morning from morning to 12:00, after 12:00 Good afternoon, Good evening after 18:00 or after dark.The easiest way to say goodbye in English is: "Bye"

You can use formal expressions: "Goodbye"
Please note the spelling! If you write good morning, write two words. Here we have one word.  We write Goodbye together. We can also say goodbye with these words:

"See you" - "See you soon"!

Note that you can say byesee you and see you soon with colleagues.   When we talk with teachers, we will say (Formal expressions) "goodbye".

All above four sets may be used at any time of the day.
Say "Good Night" at night.
We write 'Goodnight' together and we write’ Good morning' apart.

At the end a little more information about English slang.
See you - can also take the form of See you. On the Internet you can often

find abbreviations:

CU - See you

BB - Bye bye

The greeting "Good morning" is used to getting up early and

to the start of lunchtime.
Good morning greeting is not repeated on the same day to the same person.
We can say "good morning" as a greeting after getting up.
Often (especially younger ones) say "Hello".
In some areas, instead of "good morning" and "hello" some people say “Good day

Greetings and farewell: