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Professional CV writing skill
cvIn today's ever changing job market, a well written, effective resume is an excellent tool to search for desirable jobs. Here are some tips for writing professional resume.


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Learn and improve English writing skills

wThe basic thing that you need to concentrate on learning the English writing skills is grammar. It is very important to understand the past, present and future tenses, if you write in English. English writing is not as easy as speaking English. It requires the correct grammar, sentence structure and proper names to understand the reader. Here you will find general information about people who write in English and also for people who wanted to acquire writing skills and they are:

  • When you write in English, it is very important that you must write to the level of the reader.
  • It is very difficult for the audience as they judge to understand the language of the writer. So it should be made as simple as possible when write in English.
  • Avoid technical terms, bombastic words. Sometimes these words can appear in different accents, and they are difficult to understand.
  • In order to write good English, you must practice continually writing in English with the help of English writing software.
  • All kinds of writing software is available on the Internet and can also be downloaded.
  • If you can not find the software, then you can start using MS Word 2007 version and writing practice on them.

Improve your English reading skills

rrYou break out in sweat when you have to read texts in English? Staring at a page full of foreign words, even a secure reader can unsettle. Here are five useful tips that will make reading an adventure for you.


Do not rush yourself. Before you begin, look at the title and any images. This will give you an idea about the subject. Think about what you already know about this topic. Also make clear what you expect of the text and write down any questions. Through these preparations, you can begin even before you have opened the first page.

The first impression

Now that you have an idea of ​​the topic, you can begin. Read the text completely and without interruption. Make now but still worry about the details. You just try to only develop a sense of the text. This is called skimming. When you are done, think about how much you have understood.

It's all in the details

Do you remember the questions you wrote down as the beginning? It is now time to look for the right answers. Read the text again, though slowly and carefully. Search for words or phrases that relate to your questions. This is called scanning. If you find other interesting or important facts that you emphasize this in also. Then you should have a better understanding of the text.

Words, words, words!

You do not have to understand every word to understand the whole text. Look for keywords or phrases that you do not understand out and write on it. But Access is not equal to the dictionary! Try rather to understand the meaning from the context. Then use a dictionary and refer to if you have properly appreciated. You will definitely be surprised

How to speak English fluently?
ss1Speaking English fluently is the dream of every English learning student, but the majority of Pakistani students cannot speak the English language, even our Master in English is unable to communicate in a suitable way. We study English in our whole academic career, there are many factors involved in our failure, I will discuss later, there are some tips that surely help you to achieve your goal.

English is not a difficult language, and most of the people have already learned lots of vocabulary and grammar, during the education. However, to speak the language fluently is a step that requires a little more effort than education or a CD course. You can speak English fluently, only when you start to think no more about what you want to express, so if the English naturally comes across your lips.

Put the pieces together.

Good English is determined by many factors: knowledge (and selection) of appropriate vocabulary, the correct sentence structure and proper grammar, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. You have to work on these different factors in order to achieve success.

Two sided process

Speaking is an interactive process that combines both speak and listen. To ensure that your audience can follow you to choose expressive words, repetitions or phrases such as: You know what I mean or do not you agree?

Not only that, whatever you say ..

Nonverbal communication is very important in English, even for native speakers. Apply gestures, use body language and facial expressions to describe something or to describe. Ensure equal to what tells the body language of the other.

Sing a Song!

Music is a great way to improve your language skills. Learn the rhythm of the language and a few useful phrases. View the lyrics of your favorite song on the Internet and sing with loud.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

You need the right attitude to improve your English. Keep out of every opportunity to speak English: with party guests, a tourist who has lost or simply sign up when your teacher asks a question.

Think about it every day in English.

This is a good way to improve your speaking skills, and you can use anywhere, anytime. Home you can talk to yourself while you make for example the food. If you are on the train or bus, you can describe the people around him (quietly, in your head, not loud!) Or when you go to bed, you can pass in English reflect on the day.

Listen to the sound of your own voice.

Even though you might not hear your own voice recorded so much, this method is wonderfully suited to improve your pronunciation. Record yourself and listen to the recording. You can also ask for advice on speakers.

Perform a hands diary.

Record your thoughts in English before going to sleep. At the end of the year you can play the tape while and look back on both the year and your progress.

Take extra lessons.

If you think that you need more practice or would like to have contact with other English students, why do not you use Pal talk messenger and yahoo messenger to speak with natives and other peoples around the world? There are many learn English and practice English rooms.

Find English speaking friends.

If you are serious about learning English, you need someone to talk to, that means NOT only native speakers. English is considered by many people, spoken as a second language, which is why it is important to understand the variety of accents.


How can you improve your listening skills?

Convert Text to Speech
listeningThere are 4 basic skills of every language, and listening is considered the most important skill, because without improving this skill we are unable to speak. English has the advantage that a certain listening skills relatively quickly adjust and that it has thus not too difficult to train the existing listening skills even further. These tricks will surely help you to improve listening skill.

Understand the speech rhythm

Each language has a rhythm. If you have internalized and understood this, you will develop your English listening skill. BBC English radio program as you can get online and have the opportunity to see also English TV online are the great source of improving listening.

It is not necessary to understand everything, when you are just beginning to learn English. Try to catch the melody of the English language and to recognize all that is spoken in English. This will help you a lot further and ensures that you can manage the basics of listening
Listening - listening practice

Listening skills can be developed only by continues practice. On the Internet you can find exercises for each le